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Ramadan: Answers Before You Ask

When it comes to questions about Ramadan, I have heard them all, but there are a handful that are pretty common. As we celebrate this year, let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about Ramadan.

A Deep Dive Into the Broncos’ Draft

If you know me, you know that I do not sugar-coat my opinions. Who has that kind of time? While I love the Broncos’ organization, I would not say that I liked their draft if I did not truly believe it.

What Does Your Draft Party Look Like?

“Yeah baaaaaaby!!!” yelled my uncle, as my family raced through the door with “BRONCOS” printed on paper and taped to whatever hats and T-shirts they could find.

The Serious Business of Humor

On the surface, the NFL is a serious league. The intensity is obvious. The competition, fierce. Yet, behind the scenes exists a culture that most people never see. Peek behind the curtain and you will find a world of levity, of jokes, of pranks, of harmless humor.

Tax Tips From NFL Players That Everyone Can Use

Tax Day tax day is one of the biggest reasons why NFL players go broke. Yet, Tax Day is not a surprise. It does not magically appear every year. It is the same date every single year for everyone.