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3 Leadership Traits of the Best NFL Coaches

How does a great leader help you? Are you working with a bad leader? Whether you are a leader or aspire to be a leader, you need to understand the traits that define great leaders. I was fortunate to have associated with some of the greatest leaders in the entire…

3 Negotiating Tips I Learned From The NFL

One thing people forget about the NFL is that it is a $12 to $16 billion entertainment industry. Critical negotiations take place every day in life and business. We all are in constant negotiations between teams, advertisers, family, workplace, media, players, and coaches.

Three Ways To Increase Engagement From the NFL

One thing that I experienced on every team that I played for in the NFL, was engagement. And one of the things I see lacking in many of the companies that I speak to, or broadcast with, is engagement.

Inherited Beliefs About Money

I recently sat down with someone to help them start investing. I began as I always do by asking what companies they already know. We were watching a football game at the time, so I asked when this person thought ESPN was going to stop making money. “Never,” he answered.

How NFL Champions View Failure

I had two different types of coaches throughout my NFL career. One coach would consistently discuss all the ways in which we could fail before going into a game. The other type would focus on how our strengths would be utilized to win a game, even saying winning scores at…