In the Community

Serving the Community

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Ryan Harris delivering his speech to the community.
Ryan Harris as part of the Denver Rescue Mission Team.
Ryan Harris is wearing a fireman hat while carrying a child and waving his hand.
Ryan Harris at Rock Bottom giving speech 2.
Ryan Harris at Rock Bottom giving speech.
Ryan Harris is outdoors with his friends.
Ryan Harris coaching a football player.
Ryan Harris with Van Jones and his crew 2.
Ryan Harris with his friends.
Ryan Harris with the Burger King managers 2.
Ryan Harris together with his former football teammates.

You have a right to be extraordinary. I believe that when we embrace that right, we create positive change in the world. Through our commitment to educate ourselves, invest in our communities and act on our passions, we create real and lasting change first in ourselves, and then the world. I’m Ryan Harris, Super Bowl Champion, but more notably a man who believes that together we can change the world.

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