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All of us love to be inspired by real-life, every day champions. Ryan Harris has proven to be a champion both on and off the football field. He inspires all those around him to believe that each and every one of us will change the world. Empower your audience and create positive change today by booking Ryan Harris for your event.

Ryan Harris is a 10 year veteran of the NFL. In 2015, he became a Super Bowl Champion after winning Super Bowl 50 with the Denver Broncos. He has also played for the Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers before retiring in 2016.

He graduated from Notre Dame with two degrees, one in Economics and Policy and the other in Political Science. These days you can listen to Ryan on the radio on Altitude Radio’s ‘The Kreckman and Harris Show’. He also speaks across the nation about believing in yourself, financial literacy and leadership.


  • Self Mastery

  • High Performance

  • Leadership

  • Motivation

  • Discipline


Topic: Self Mastery and High Performance

Title: BEYOND BELIEF: Creating the performance you want


Limited beliefs provide limited results. People are stuck in performance cycles that don’t match their potential. Underperforming creates self-doubt. After a while, don’t know what we’re even capable of achieving.

When we stop believing in ourselves, we lose opportunities. To grow. To be better. To see what we’re capable of.  And it takes a toll on our confidence. At some point, your good is not good enough. This is a moment of opportunity.

There are wins all around us if we are willing to see them. Ryan Harris, 10-year NFL veteran and Super Bowl Champion, will teach the audience to celebrate every win. Sharing his personal life and football stories, he is a catalyst that helps people believe in themselves. The micro wins add up to macro success.

Audience will learn how to:

-Have a new perspective on what it means to win

-Believe in themselves and what’s possible

-Experience personal achievement

-Re-frame their relationship with failure

Ryan goes beyond just giving a presentation. He creates an experience. He brings together the elements of success, failure and happiness. Ryan brings an energy of motivation, believing everyone in the room is a champion. He sees it as his job to help them see the champion within themselves.

Topic: Financial Literacy



Saving money can be the hardest thing to do in life.  Going beyond saving and having the discipline to invest proves daunting for even the richest people around you.

Discussing what we truly value versus the purchases we make highlights the inconsistencies we feel in everyday life. Yet everyday, ordinary people are making money anytime you make a purchase. That’s because they have learned the three rules of the money game: Save, Invest, Delay.

Financial Freedom can be achieved by ANYONE who works ANY job.  When you have financial freedom you have the ability to do what you want when you want.  Ryan Harris teaches audiences the fundamental rules of the money game that every wealthy person practices. Ryan Illustrates the small actions of himself and others that bring waves of financial benefits while also creating a new perspective around the value of each purchase.

Audience will learn how to:

-Save money

-Detox debt

-Own what they buy

-Win the money game

-Make every purchase valuable and meaningful

Lives are changed by applying the rules of the money game through Ryan’s three simple and easy steps.  Using the financial wants and goals of each event, he creates an experience with audiences that empowers their purchases and savings to create financial freedom.  When it comes to money, we create the definition of value.

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