Super Bowl Champion, Keynote speaker, and Bestselling Author Ryan Harris inspires audiences across the nation by incorporating lessons learned in success and failure throughout his 10-year NFL Career. Ryan’s Keynote topics of Mindset, Leadership, and teambuilding have skyrocketed in demand from Fortune 500 companies and Nonprofits Nationwide.

“We had the privilege of having Ryan Harris as a keynote speaker at our esteemed annual partner and broker event. From the moment he took the stage, Harris effortlessly established a deep connection with our audience, seamlessly weaving humor and enthusiasm. Through captivating examples and an encouraging atmosphere of audience participation, he motivated and inspired our attendees. His engaging presence proved to be an excellent way to kick off our highly anticipated conference. He graciously stayed afterward to extend conversations and capture memorable moments through photos. Without a doubt, Ryan Harris was the perfect fit for our event, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.”

– Paycorp

Ryan was a great partner as we planned our sales kick off event. He listened to our goals for the event and planned his presentation to align. He had great energy, had a great message, and was authentic and genuine in his approach. I would highly recommend Ryan to any team. He was a first class keynote. Thank you Ryan!

– Salo

Loved by all, very engaging, and left a message that every employee could embody. His personal challenges, the inside stories of professional football and his inspiring message captivated all of our employees. I still have employees thanking me for inviting Mr. Harris to speak at our meeting.

– Randy Williams, Chief Talent Officer, Nurse-Family Partnership | National Service Office

Amazing! Our best Speaker yet!

– Christie Isenberg President, Amp the Cause

Ryan connected with and inspired over 300 people in our Audience

– Morre Dean President, South Denver Group and CEO, Porter Adventist Hospital at Centura Health

Ryan was very flexible and easy to work with, and he ultimately gave a powerful, engaging, and meaningful presentation. He did a wonderful job of adapting his presentation to fit the Boys & Girls Club’s mission and the theme of the event.

– Boys and Girls Club

Client List Includes

Keynote Descriptions

Change to Mindset to Mastery Keynote Video

A program about Self Mastery and High Performance

Limited beliefs can hold us back, making us question our own potential and causing us to miss out on opportunities for growth and success. This is where Ryan Harris, a 10-year NFL veteran and Super Bowl Champion, steps in. Through his engaging stories from football and life, Ryan not only motivates but also helps people recognize and celebrate the small wins that add up to big successes. He goes beyond just talking; he creates an energizing experience aimed at helping everyone in the room find the champion within themselves.

Audiences will learn how to:

Have a new perspective on what it means to win
Believe in themselves and what’s possible
Experience personal achievement
Re-frame their relationship with failure
Keynote Descriptions

Lead to Win Video

A program about achieving your greatness as a leader

Whether you’ve always wanted to be a leader or found yourself in a leadership role unexpectedly, what matters is how you use that position to influence and inspire others. Leadership isn’t one-size-fits-all; it varies in style and approach. Yet, the core objective remains the same: to guide your team toward shared goals while boosting effectiveness and happiness.

Using The 5 Components of Championship Leadership, you can become the authentic leader your team needs. Ryan Harris, a 10-year NFL veteran and Super Bowl Champion, engages audiences with stories from his own career, mixing humor and wisdom to showcase how effective leadership can positively impact both individuals and organizations.

Audiences will learn how to:

Identify their authentic leadership style
Lead to win
Create strategic support for their team
Win with one goal
Keynote Descriptions

From Good to Great: Creating a Winning Culture

A program for team dynamics

Companies and teams often mistake past achievements for ongoing excellence, a mindset that can jeopardize future success. The key to staying on top is to make continuous, small adjustments and to deeply understand your team’s dynamics. Super Bowl 50 Champion Ryan Harris offers an engaging and interactive session that provides the tools to move your team from good to great.

Using easy-to-understand examples, Ryan helps attendees grasp what makes their team special and how to work together more effectively. The takeaway isn’t just a memorable experience, but also practical steps for implementing impactful leadership that doesn’t just meet company goals—it changes lives. So why settle for good when you can aim for great?

Audiences will learn how to:

Commit to winning
Figure out team roles & how to perform their best
Try something new
Unlock the team builder ‘Honesty’
Laugh as a team
Keynote Descriptions

Rules of the money game

A program about Financial Literacy

Saving money is tough, and taking the next step to invest can be even more intimidating. But achieving financial freedom is possible for anyone, regardless of their job, by understanding and applying three simple rules: Save, Invest, Delay. Ryan Harris offers audiences valuable insights into managing money effectively, teaching the key principles that wealthy people follow. He helps you reconcile what you value with your spending habits, showing that small, consistent actions can lead to significant financial gains.

Through customized experiences based on the financial goals of each event, Ryan not only changes perspectives on spending and saving but also empowers people to take control of their financial future.

Audiences will learn how to:

Save money
Detox debt
Own what they buy
Win the money game
Make every purchase valuable and meaningful

AV Setup

Wireless lapel microphone

Ryan will send his PowerPoint slides in advance to be loaded on the presentation laptop. You will need to provide a screen (see screen placement below), and a computer projection system.

For front screen projection, place screen front middle of the room. For rear screen projection, the screen placement is at your discretion.

Recording is not permitted without advanced written authorization from the speaker. If you plan to video or audio record any portion of Ryan’s program, you will provide him with a copy within 10 business days of the speech. Depending on the intended usage, an additional licensing fee may apply.

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